2. When the separation . . .

between God and human beings happened, it was because we decided that we could be our own god, and we could manage our lives for ourselves, and we declared our indepencence from Him.

When human beings did that, we found out about good as well as evil, we lost contact with God and towards Him our spirits became dead.

We became living dead people.
But God did not want us to remain living dead people.
He did not want to lose contact with us forever.

So He decided that He would bridge the gap between us Himself.
He HIMSELF became a human being.

The human being who was God, is Jesus Chrsit. He had always been God and had been an active participant in the creation. But when He became a human being, He was born as a baby.

When we got separated from God, we died spiritually, we became corrupt in our thinking, in our emotions, in our motivations, and our bodies began to die physically.

When Jesus Christ came, born to a virgin through a supernatural miracle of God, He was not corrupt in His spirit, mind, emotions, motivations or body. He did not have the splendour of God. Instead He humbled Himself to human limitations.

At first the lesser gods were angry, because they knew who He was, even though many human beings could not figure Him out.

Then the lesser gods decided that they would take advantage of this opportunity and kill Him, because they had the right of death over every human being who is corrupt.

The thing they forgot was that He was the only human being who was not corrupt, and so they had no right of death over Him.

So they killed Him on a cross: a very bloody, painful and humiliating way to die. But God had planned things this way.

It is a principle of the spirit world that the shedding of blood brings together the one whose blood was shed, with the one for whom the blood is shed.

So the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ brought back the way of contact between God and human beings.

This is how I know that God loves me:
He made a way for me to contact Him even when I was dead to Him by my own choice.
He made this way for me even when I was going my own way and even though I had declared my independence of Him and told Him, "I will not obey You!"
God made this way of access to Himself at great cost to Himself, even though it costs me nothing.
This is how I know that He loves me.

But this God of the Bible has something even better in store!