3. The amazingly wonderful event

happened AFTER Jesus Christ died.

Of course, the normal things took place:
He was pierced through the heart and blood and water flowed down, proving his death;
He was taken down from the cross and his body was given to Joseph of Arimathea;
Joseph laid the body of the Lord Jesus in his own unused tomb and rolled a massive stone over the opening!

But on the third day after dying
Jesus Christ came back to life!
He was resurrected from the dead!
He brought back from the region of the dead, the KEYS of death and hell!

Jesus Christ is now alive forever more,
and is now seated in the place of power and honour in heaven
where He represents before God,
any human being who will put their trust in HIM!

When I decide to put my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ
He releases into my life,    the Blessed Holy Spirit of God,
the One Who seals my life for Him,
the One Who stays with me, Who is my Encourager, Comforter and Guide,
the One Who will work in me to change me, so that the life of the Lord Jesus can transform me in my inner person,
the One Who gives me the way out when I'm tempted,
and Who makes His power for right living available to me as I need it,
so I can reflect in the earth, the glory of Our Father in Heaven!

This is how I know that God loves me:
Our Father in heaven made a way for me to contact Him even when I was dead to Him by my own choice.
The Lord Jesus made this way for me even when I was going my own way and even though I had declared my independence of Him and told Him, "I will not obey You!"
He made this way of access at great cost to Himself,
even though it costs me nothing.
The Blessed Holy Spirit of God comes to stick with me throughout my lifetime to be my Encourager, Comfort and Guide.

This is how I know that He loves me.

Now, you can meet this God of the Bible!