Peace at last!

Romans 5
1. Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. NKJV

Peace with God! How wonderful!
But what does it mean and why should I want it?

The main problem between God and human beings that has taken away the peace between us, is SIN:
the propensity we human beings have of not living up to God's standard of holiness.

Because God is perfect, His holiness cannot accommodate our sin in any sense, and therein lies the problem.

Humans are sinners. There's no getting away from that! The result of sin is death.
Enter the Lord Jesus Christ: the sinless substitute who dies in my place. Not only does He die, but He comes back alive from the dead, so that I can have a Living Saviour.

When I believe in Jesus and put my whole trust in Him, I become justified by faith.
Justified means Just As If I Never Sinned!

When I am justified by faith in Jesus Christ, God can accept me, because my sin is no longer a problem to Him!

When God accepts me, there is peace between us: I have peace with God through the Lord Jesus Christ!
Peace with God! How wonderful!

Father, thank You for allowing Jesus to die in my place and rise again so I can have a Living Saviour. Thank You for allowing me to be justified by placing my trust in Jesus.
Today I choose to place my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank You for giving me peace with You. This is wonderful!
Thank You for Your sacrifice on my behalf, Lord Jesus,
in Your name I pray,

See you again tomorrow, God willing,
for another encouraging thought!


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Until then, be thankful to the Lord and be blessed in all you do today!

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