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Wisdom and Common Sense

Proverbs 3:
21. Have two goals: wisdom - that is, knowing and doing right - and common sense. Don't let them slip away...
Living Bible

The fashionable thing these days is to set goals for ourselves.
If you're into setting goals for your life, God gives you two goals to put near the top of your list:
get Wisdom and Common Sense.

But herein also lies the unfashionable part of what He says.
Wisdom is defined as "knowing and doing right".
Why is it unfashionable to know and do right? you ask.

This is unfashionable because the current thinking says that there is no absolute standard for judging what's right and what's not right.
Fashionable thinking says that whatever makes your life move in the direction that's best for you, is the right thing for you to do now.
In other words, things are right or wrong depending on the situation you find yourself in.

God Almighty takes issue with that way of thinking. He says there ARE absolute standards of right and wrong that HE is measuring us by, especially if we claim to be His children.

God is looking to see whether we choose His way of living or the current standards of the world around us.

Father, If I have let slip Your standards of knowing and doing what is right, forgive me.
If I have never found out what Your standards for conducting my life are,
please forgive me, and help me to persevere in studying what You have to say about knowing and doing right,
in Jesus' name I pray,

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