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Constant, Balanced, Clear-Headed

Proverbs 3:
21. Have two goals: wisdom - that is, knowing and doing right - and common sense. Don't let them slip away,
22. for they fill you with living energy, and bring you honor and respect.
23. They keep you safe from defeat and disaster and from stumbling off the trail.
24. With them on guard you can sleep without fear;
25. you need not be afraid of disaster or the plots of wicked men,
26. for the Lord is with you; he protects you.
Living Bible

As we observe people around us, we see that many times humans end up in the conditions outlined in verses 23 and 24 above:
 in defeat and disaster;
 stumbling off God's path of righteousness;
 being fearful at sleep-time;
 being afraid of disaster striking;
 being afraid of the plots of wicked men.

However, cultivating God's brand Wisdom and Common Sense as a lifestyle instead fills you with living energy and brings you honour and respect.
Why is this?

It is because developing God's brand Wisdom and Common Sense causes two things to happen inside you.

First, you begin conducting your life and relationships with others by God's principles, and by God's principles only. This brings a constancy into your living that people can predict and count on. It puts others at ease because they know where they are with you.

In a word, you become known as a trust-worthy person, someone others can depend on always to be who you are.

Secondly, you begin not to be ruled by whims, fancies and weird feelings.
God's brand Wisdom and Common Sense develops in you balance and clear-headedness that rescues you from making foolish decisions that ruin not only your life, but the life of others.

That sounds boring! you say.
Not so.
People who live by God's brand Wisdom and Common Sense are a very rare blessing in this world, and they usually have very interesting and exciting lives dealing with all the folks around them.

Father, help me today to begin cultivating Your brand Wisdom and Common Sense as my lifestyle, so that I truly honour You by my living, today and always,
in Jesus' name,

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